Macon County, Alabama
     Located in Macon and Russell counties, Alabama, approximately 25 miles west of Columbus, GA, our hunt club has been established for over 20 years. With more than 2900 acres of prime hunting land for both deer and turkey, we have 40 stands, all on plots that are cultivated anew each season and overseen during the off season. The plots average over 1/2 acre each and range from approximately 50 yards to over 200 yards in length. All stands are easily accessible by road and can accommodate two persons. As a family oriented club, our stands are strategically placed so that our young hunters can be monitored safely. We also have accommodations for those who are unable to climb, and members may place portable stands on our properties so long as they do not interfere with permanent stands or imperil hunter safety.

We have an RV park for members with full hookup (water, electrical and sewer) at no extra charge, and members may leave their RV’s at the park year around if they wish. There is a pavilion at the park where members and their guests can gather to cook and socialize, and facilities to dress and refrigerate your harvest at no charge.

All memberships include unlimited hunting for immediate family members for both deer and turkey, and members may bring guests, limited to no more than two persons at any one time at the rate of $50.00 per guest hunter per day. Membership is limited to a maximum of 30 at $1800.00 each.

We do not mandate any bag or size limits, nor do we impose any monetary fines. The only restrictions that apply are those set forth by the state of Alabama. We do ask that discretion be used in the taking of young bucks so that they may have the opportunity to mature prior to harvest. Our annual harvests usually range from 75-125 deer per season.